Prepayment Options

Those who choose to pay for funeral arrangements in advance generally have a choice with regard to how and when they pay.

In Ontario today we recommend an insurance product as the ideal way to pay for preplanned arrangements. We believe this is the best option because of the flexibility and protection it offers.

You have the choice of making a single full payment or making regular partial payments over a predetermined period of time.

Because this is insurance, most people will have full coverage right away even if they choose to pay over several months or years. In other words, if death should occur unexpectedly after only a few payments have been made, the plans you made will be fully paid for by the insurance company.

With full payment you are eligible for our locked in price guarantee meaning the services you've arranged are paid in full regardless of any increase in our prices between the time of arrangement and the time the funeral plan is carried out.

In today's world of easy travel and active retirees, our insurance products also include the option of special coverage to protect you and your family should a death occur unexpectedly away from home. The necessary care and transport of the deceased can be a significant expense. Have us explain how this special policy covers you in such circumstances.

Your funeral director or preplanning counsellor can tell you more about how these options work and may be able to offer you additional choices and benefits depending upon the arrangements you make.

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